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The 2000 British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyle found that 16% of 16-44 year-olds were circumcised, the rate being 20% in those aged 40-44 and 12% in the 16-19 year age group [Dave et al., 2003].

Rates reported in one study were 12.5% for males aged 16-24 years, 15.9% for 25-34 year-olds, and 26.4% for the 35-44 year age group (n = 1,874, 2,111 and 2,049, respectively) [Wellings et al., 1994]. 50% overall, but varies by region and age group (see below in section on rate of infant circumcision).

Circumcision rate in US males was, moreover, higher as a function of increase in income [Xu et al., 2007].

(See ‘Socio-sexual aspects’ page for more information.) The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 91% of white American men are circumcised, 76% of Black and 44% of Hispanic (Prevalence of Circumcision Among Men and Boys).

Generally: 8 out of 27 South and Southeast Asian countries have high rates of circumcision [Gopal, 2009].

Very common owing to majority Muslim population in each [Gopal, 2009]. Of these, 42% have their circumcision before the age of 10, 52% have it done between 10 and 14, and for 5% it is between 15 and 18 [Gopal, 2009].

Whereas it was 80%, 50% and 34% in Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, respectively, in the 1940s (overall 71%), for those born in the 1970s it had risen to 94%, 91% and 57% in Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, respectively (overall 91%).

Clearly this cohort of San Francisco residents differs from the rest of the USA, where circumcision rates are much higher.

In a study of men in Tucson, Arizona, and Tampa, Florida, circumcision rates were 88% in non-Hispanic white men and 66% in Mexican Americans [Nielson et al., 2009].

Rate was 59.8% in men born 1970-1984, 58.4% for those born 1950-1969, and 49.7% for those born before 1950.

It was 71.0% in Whites, 57.9% in Blacks, 54.0% in Asians and 30.0% in Hispanic.