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Then with her best pal (Shawkat) she discovers the roller derby in Austin, where her surprisingly strong audition catches the notice of the coach (Wilson) as well as the stars (including accident-prone Barrymore, wacky Wiig, sassy Eve and tough-girl Bell).

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They were clearly very different than the ones that we had for “Depression Cherry,” so we just kept writing. You didn’t consider these songs as extras from “Depression Cherry”? But, you know, as the process goes along, you learn more and more about what you’ve actually got at some point, and [in] 2014, we decided that “Depression Cherry” would have the traditional release and that “Thank Your Lucky Stars” did not need a traditional release, and that we didn’t want to have to wait another 10 months to put out these songs, and that we’d want to play them on tour.

We felt that we had the right as artists to do whatever we want.

We got back from “Bloom” touring in 2013, and I took a couple months just not doing anything.

I learnt over time by talking to you guys that you pretty much do everything yourselves.VL: Maybe your album is heavily influenced by MSG, we’re more lard.CO: Oh, now that you say MSG, I was curious about the song names , if there was any hidden meanings there?It must be the highlight of the day every time you play.VL: Yeah, there’s definitely more life in that than in most…The pair, which features keyboardist and vocalist Victoria Legrand and multi-instrumentalist Alex Scally, has over the past decade composed a luxurious brand of guitar pop that draws on influences ranging from Brill Building songcraft to ’70s-era Fleetwood Mac to noisy Brit-pop. The first, called “Depression Cherry,” came out in the so-called “traditional” sense: with a release date, both physical and digital copies available for purchase and stream.