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Well, science has finally confirmed what we've all long suspected: Men find intelligent women scary. Science has also discovered that when a woman does something better than a man, his feelings of masculinity diminish.
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And it’s the best movie I’ve ever made.” Ringwald, for one, wasn’t surprised at all: “When I heard that he was really into gardening,” Ringwald told me, “I thought, of course he’d be into gardening, because so am I.” She and Hughes already shared a worldview, a sense of humor, a birthday.

Gardening was just one more thing to add to the list.

And so it’s no surprise that the list of actors who have doubled as scribes (to varying degrees of success) is long: there’s Steve Martin, Ethan Hawke, Carrie Fischer, Hugh Laurie, James Franco and even Marlon Brando, to name just a few.

To be sure, writing and acting are twin arts — creating the inner world of a character, as actors do, is akin to writing, and, on a more literal note, actors are often given the creative leeway to improvise dialogue.

Through her elegant, spare prose, Ringwald paints a haunting portrait of characters living, as Thoreau would say, lives of quiet desperation.

One of the book’s major themes, Ringwald told Reuters, “is that we are all betrayers and we are all betrayed.” Indeed, this is a world away from is filled with characters whose problems can’t be assuaged by even the best Thompson Twins song swelling in the background.

“Our lives are so inextricably connected,” she recently told NPR.

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“If I was recognized it was usually by American tourists, and I knew where to go in France to sort of avoid that.

And then there’s Oliver, a little boy who is convinced he’s a little girl — Olivia — and suffers a brutal attack because of it.

Each chapter in is told from the point of view of a different character — characters who are compellingly written, to be sure, and whose lives are interconnected in strange, surprising ways, calling to mind works like Ringwald’s greatest gift as a writer is her ability to provide meticulous, stirring descriptions of the minutiae of life, and she uses seemingly little things to call to mind very big things indeed, as in a scene in which Greta is preparing dinner while injecting herself with fertility treatments: “Once it was in the oven and two places had been set, Greta laid out the myriad hormone drugs on the kitchen table, the Follistim, Lupron, and Clomid, the two different syringes, and the red plastic container with the alarming illustration of a skull and crossbones and black lettering on the side, warning HAZARDOUS WASTE.

“That’s what I’ve been doing for 20 years as an actor.” A slew of major travel-writing awards later, Mc Carthy has indeed told quite a story: .

From having her panties ogled by nerds in , Ringwald’s characters showed that contrary to the rosy view of teendom that grownups so often choose to remember (all make-out sessions, no mortgages), adolescence can be a thorny time.