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But they do look very glamorous — look at their eyelashes, I love it. KA: This is Ashley and Tyler rehearsing their kissing scene.And what’s really cool is that when this was emulsified onto film when I downloaded it digitally, you can go really close in and see each eyelash, it’s really cool. They mess around so much and they do it sometimes I think just to make people uncomfortable.KA: He does all of the voices for most of the video games. KA: That was, like, the first photo I took of Sasha, and she was so young, but she doesn’t act young.He’s the voice of Drake in Uncharted, and a lot of Call of Duty stuff. When I first met Sasha she was very coquettishly looking over at me and she’s like, (waves) “Hey, what’s up? And then I was like, “What’s up, what’s your name, who do you play...” And she was like, “I play Allison. KA: I thought it was really cool because Joe [the director of the black-and-white episode] is so passionate about film noir and that genre as well.

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In your book you say that Tyler is one of the most selfless people — can you give us an example?Keegan is currently in a relationship with model Ali Collier.They have shared photos on social media, including the one below.You talk about covering one of her songs and sending it to her — which song was it? It would take me a couple more minutes than that (laughs).KA: That song “Rock This Town” — she’s so adorable and amazingly stunning in that video, and I remember I saw it and did a Quicktime video of me playing it and sent it to her. How long does it usually take you guys to memorize? She just did it in one look — that’s what I thought was so amazing is that moment of her just sitting down.KA: Usually I’m taking photos; Ian is tentatively paying attention to Ashley showing him Instagram photos, probably, or going through her camera roll of things that she did; Troian is sleeping and trying to drown out all the noise around her, and I think that’s Shay’s legs in the corner. Or Troian or Ashley or I will be reading a book, and we’ll pass it along to each other. KA: That was the last shot of that episode and they were so tired.