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In that incident, administrators at Lower Merion High School outside Philadelphia reportedly captured 56,000 images of students using the RAT installed on school-issued laptops.
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Here are a couple quotes I found: From In connection with your question relative to the Bahá’í solution of sex problems.

On the question of sex the Bahá’ís are, in most of their fundamental views, in full agreement with the upholders of traditional morality.

Also try to remember that these laws were put in place for your as well (STDs, premature pregnancy, societal abasement).

The Bahá’í standard of sex morality is thus very high, but it is by no means unreasonably rigid.

There is a pilgrims note that I'm sure most people have read from the guardian on easy familiarity, and embracing one another.

That is, hugging the opposite sex, and it not being allowed, but alas, it's a pilgrims note.

But i think saying there's no direct writings on the matter of kissing is a case of living in denial.

More quotes can be found at By "elderly Baha'i youth", I take it you mean 17-20 year olds?