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Unlike alcohol, sex is a natural and normal part of human life. Unlike heroin, sex naturally engages issues of intimacy, power, autonomy, and love. In fact, sexual excitement of any kind is impossible unless its mental and social context is specifically conducive to it.

What about a priest who feels compelled to have sex, thereby risking his entire identity and belief-system; is he a sex addict or did he choose a ridiculously unhealthy lifestyle?Sexual desire actually begins in the mind and travels down.The "problem" of sexual addiction always involves the mind and the social world, never the desire itself.Once they're helped to become aware of these meanings, they actually increase their self-compassion and are freer to exercise self-control.Let me present just a few clinical examples to illustrate what I mean.Nevertheless, no one would be surprised if he joined the list of high-profile figures, usually men, who have been labeled sex addicts or actively sought treatment as such, e.g.