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Dating a christian scientist

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However, a Christian Scientist's decision to dispense with medical treatment is left to the individual believer and is not dictated by church policy.

June is still the most popular time for weddings, and while my husband and I did not marry in June, we did meet at a June wedding reception.

As Christ Jesus himself once explained, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew ). No, marriage is a human institution; and no human institution has ever been entirely free of human imperfection.

However, some will very quickly tell you that the earth was created during creation week and can be no more than six to ten thousand years old.

My religious commitment needed to be left between God and me.

So, admiring Bill’s integrity, and his respect for my freedom in this regard, I said, “Yes”; I accepted his fraternity pin—which later led to an engagement ring, and eventually to an August wedding.

And this is certainly true in a marriage, even when only one partner is consciously letting the loving presence of the Christ prevail in his or her own thoughts, words, and actions—especially when this is done with humble respect for the other partner’s needs. And in the chapter “Marriage” in the same book, she explains the importance of having this wine present at a wedding: “Experience should be the school of virtue, and human happiness should proceed from man’s highest nature.

How interesting it is to realize that the first of Jesus’ “miracles” was to turn the water into wine at a wedding! Mary Baker Eddy gives the spiritual sense of what this best wine is in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “WINE. May Christ, Truth, be present at every bridal altar to turn the water into wine and to give to human life an inspiration by which man’s spiritual and eternal existence may be discerned” (p. This Christly inspiration was the only wine present at our wedding—and that has ever been present in our lives.