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When asked about how they had made decisions about when their daughters should marry, families interviewed for this report talked again and again about poverty.

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Biologists hypothesize that in an unpredictable environment, like the Serengeti, having variable offspring would have been advantageous to a female cheetah.Even if several of her cubs were killed by a new disease, succumbed to a novel environmental stress, or just didn't have what it took to make a living in the Serengeti, a female with a variable litter could still hope that one of her cubs would have "the right stuff" to survive (shown in Scenario 1 below).Conservation biologists are interested in cheetah cheating because it impacts the cheetah population's level of genetic variation.Loosely, genetic variation is a measure of the genetic differences within a population.Females seem to mate with individuals from far-flung regions, meaning that the cubs' fathers are only distantly related to one another.Furthermore, female cheetahs don't even return to the same males year after year: consecutive litters from the same mother all had different sets of fathers.But now researchers have revealed that cheetahs buck this sexual stereotype.

Genetic variation is a key ingredient of evolution.

In short, female cheetahs' mating habits wind up getting genetic information from lots of different fathers into the next generation — and that helps preserve genetic variation!

In fact, the impact of multiple matings on genetic variation may help explain how the trait evolved in cheetahs in the first place.

So perhaps, what we humans perceive as promiscuity is actually an adaptation that allows female cheetahs to increase the odds of having at least one cub survive to pass on her genes.

While it's certainly possible that the multiple mating strategy spread because of its impact on the genetic diversity within litters, biologists have also come up with two main alternative hypotheses to explain why multiple mating is common in cheetahs: Perhaps, multiple mating is really a strategy to avoid expending extra energy fending off would-be suitors.