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Dating minors in arizona

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In some cases, a power of attorney can give relatives a limited authority that can be easily revoked when the parent returns to care for their child.

In order for a parent to regain parental authority over their child, they will have to petition the court to rescind the legal guardianship.

To undo legal guardianship, a parent has to petition to terminate the legal guardianship, and transfer the legal custody of a child back to the parent.

This may not occur automatically, as the court will determine whether terminating the guardianship is really in the best interest of the child.

If the guardian is unrelated to the child, they will have to be fingerprinted.

The petitioner will represent their relationship to the child, and put forth the reasons why they are requesting guardianship, and how it will be in the child's best interest if they are appointed the guardian.

The guardian is responsible for making regular annual reports to the state on the status of the child and the guardianship.

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If the court approves the petition for guardianship, they will appoint the guardian or co-guardians of the child.

Temporary guardianship usually applies if it is only necessary for six months.

Emergency guardianship may occur without notice to the parents where a child will be harmed if the temporary guardianship is not granted.

The annual report should include a description of where the minor lives, not just the address.

The report should also include: At West, Elsberry, Longenbaugh and Zickerman, our family law attorneys are here to help individuals and their families throughout southern Arizona achieve their family care and future planning goals.