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Ryokan @ Damansara Utama n is set to be the first hotel in the Ryokan Chic Sleeps chain of boutique hotels.

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I can do that now, but it's usually on a board similar to this one, without having that back and forth chat that I used to enjoy.

Anyone know where those old style chat rooms still exist?

ILBL8 – I’ll be late ILU – I love you ILUM – I love you man ILY – I love you IM – Instant message IMAO – In my arrogant opinion IMHO – In my humble opinion Im L – () ITYK – I thought you knew IUSS – If you say so IWALU – I will always love you IWAWO – I want a way out IWIAM – Idiot wrapped in a moron IYKWIM – If you know what I mean IYO – In your opinion IYSS – If you say so j00 – You j00r – Your JA – Just Acting JAC – Just a sec JAM – Just a minutes Jellie – Jealous Jelly – Jealous JFF – Just for fun JFGI – Just Fuck Google it JIC – Just in case JJA – Just joking around JK – Just kidding JLMK – Just let me know JMO – Just my opinion JP – Just playing JP – Jackpot () KDFU – Means Cracking (K) the (D as in Da) fucked up KEWL – Cool KEYA – I will key you later KEYME – Key me when you get in KFY – Kiss for you KIA – Know it all KIA – Killed In Action KISS – Keep it simple, stupid KIT – Keep in touch KOC – Kiss on cheek KOL – Kiss on lips KOTC – Kiss on the cheek KOTL – Kiss on the lips KNIM – Know what I mean?

For example, I like a web game called the Kingdom of Loathing, their chat channel has the usual silliness, good gameplay advice, and general random conversation. As the OP states, getting into a chatroom in AOL was as simple as a couple of clicks.the games usually have 7-20 people in them) for over a decade.Intellectually they're a lot like Dopers: smart and corny and a few total dipsticks.If anyone would like a link to these chatrooms PM me. Actually, why not find a free to play MMORPG that can be fun to play, hook up with a bunch of people in a guild and chat online in game with them.I have joked for years, since I played Everquest 1 back in 99 that MMORPGs were mainly chatrooms with graphics and a little light killing.I have no idea where I could do this now, even though I have often heard or read about Internet chat rooms.