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I sure most will agree one doesn't want to 'reinvent' the wheel everytime, but at the same time as I said, the wood can be obstucted by the trees.I had/(and still do) started reading the D6/D7 theme guides, but just found I wasn't moving forward.As far as grid frameworks, I started using 960 grid as that was something which conceptually struck a chord with me.They all have similar features, though the way they work in practice is different.Use a browser such as chrome/firefox with firebug in order to find out what elements are tagged or classed as.

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Numerous hours researching online has left me confused (LOL) with all the available Responsive frameworks (CSS: 360 and up, 1140, inuit/Less etc etc).Drupal has a lot of features, and there is a lot of markup and styles to go along with to work in a generic sense.If you are new to Drupal, then I think that starting the HTML and CSS from scratch will be a losing battle.I'm looking for answers/opinions on getting going on custom Responsive Drupal v7 theme dev using ONLY HTML5/CSS/Less/Responsive with a primary focus on mobile then desktop with a view to it being a MINIMAL design set.I'm not an IT newbie having been in IT since '86 and then earlydays webdev HTML usage since '97, but due to a health/career change I've recently had to 'upskill' again and hence back in IT and focused now purely on D7 by choice.Then once you have a good grasp of things, spend time eliminating the markup from the templates that you find superflous, and then work on the CSS.