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Middels onschuldige websites als Chatroulette en Omegle (chatrooms waarin je met willekeurige mensen in contact wordt gebracht) worden mannen misleid door mooie vrouwen, die al snel van de chatservice over willen stappen naar Facebook of Skype.

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So if you share this post, and your friend ends up setting him up with someone she knows, that friend will get ,000 and you will get the ,000.This is a multi-level marketing scheme at its finest.So, I’m all about “hacks” and I’m trying a new hack to find a long-term girlfriend.This is an experiment to see if I can find a quality woman through this unconventional way.I will be following up to let people know how this experiment pans out! I grew up relatively poor, in a single parent home, without an education, in a completely isolated culture, and with chronic health issues that affected my ability to accomplish anything or function well.When I graduated high school, I decided the first thing I needed to figure out was my spiritual life – particularly if I wanted to be Jewish.

I’m pretty serious about paying whoever successfully sets me up – you can take it to the bank! I grew up with a lot of disadvantages, but have overcome them.I have no issue spending time with a woman that I like, but the chase itself is not something I intrinsically enjoy, so I’d rather outsource that part, if possible.If it’s a choice between chasing women or my business, I’m gonna spend that time building my business and helping people by making great products.I grew up in an Ultra-Orthodox community, which had a massive impact on all aspects of my life.I spent more than a year and a half in Israel studying religious texts.At 23, my main goal in life was to find internal happiness.