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However, the habitual public cell phone talkers who seem to be egged on by an audience to sound important, busy, and successful may be acting more out of narcissism than out of lack of social awareness.They like having the attention, even if it’s negative, of those around them.Thinking she must be ending the call soon, you find to your dismay that your seatmate has no such intention.Hard as you try, it's impossible not to tune her out.In other situations, however, public cell phone talkers may enjoy being in the conversational limelight. Their public conversations are filled with overstated stories of their success, either real or implied.They let everyone around them know how well their sales are going or how many demands they experience in their high-level job.As this example illustrates, maybe loudness has something to do with what we find so annoying about overheard conversations.

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This takes more mental energy than simply hearing both sides of the conversation, leaving less for you to allocate to whatever else you might be doing such as that book you're reading or assignment you're trying to complete.

You might exchange a friendly glance, but it's highly unlikely that she'd spill these personal details to you.

Never would you know that she's got all these family problems nor would you learn about her mother's financial predicament.

Public cell phone use has all kinds of possible psychological meanings.

For some it’s a reflection of a discrepancy between their attitudes and behavior.