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But last November I turned 36, and I still hadn't met the right guy—by which I mean a guy.

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It isn’t offered to anyone under 12.’GID is diagnosed if a child displays several characteristic behaviours, including repeatedly stating the desire to be, or insisting he or she is, the other sex.

‘A lot of transsexuals have distinctive features, because they haven’t been able to take the blockers early like I did.My breasts started to develop, my face began to get thinner and I began to get a more feminine shape,’ says Jackie.Dr Carmichael believes that we may see more cases like Jackie’s emerge.Trapped in a body she hated, Jackie first overdosed aged 11 and made six more suicide attempts before she was 15.Medicines were locked in a safe and knives had to be hidden away. And so, aged 16, Jackie Green became the youngest person in the world to undergo transgender surgery.Of those who fulfil the criteria for GID at puberty, one in five becomes happy in the gender they were born.