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The rest of this chapter explains what special-purpose locations Portage uses and how to alter their placement on the filesystem.This document isn't meant to be used as a reference though.Portage gives the user a 5 second delay before unmerging the older version.These 5 seconds are defined by the variable and are generally configuration file locations. A file that would be written in such a protected location is renamed and the user is warned about the presence of a newer version of the (presumable) configuration file. When the requested information or data is not available on the system, Portage will retrieve it from the Internet.Without version information, an operator cannot be used.

It defaults to the stable software branch for the system's architecture, for instance x86. However, if stability is not that much important and/or the administrator wants to help out Gentoo by submitting bug reports to https://bugs.gentoo.org, then the testing branch can be used instead.

The testing branch is exactly what it says - Testing.

If a package is in testing, it means that the developers feel that it is functional but has not been thoroughly tested.

All Portage configuration is handled through variables.

What variables portage listens to and what they mean are described later.