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One of them says that Ms Betancourt was even worse than the Farc guards.Ms Betancourt, the French-Colombian ex-politician, received a hero's welcome upon her rescue last year. 'Out of control' Keith Stansell, Thomas Howes and Marc Gonsalves were freed alongside Ms Betancourt and 11 Colombians by soldiers posing as aid workers in a daring operation hailed around the world.Colombian officials have shown videos and photos seized from captured rebels of 16 high-profile hostages, the first sign of life since 2003.Among those on the five tapes are French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt and three US nationals.Leaders of the Farc, which holds hundreds of other hostages, have offered to free captives but only if a number of conditions are met, including being granted a demilitarised zone.Mr Uribe opposes this, arguing that it would allow the rebels to regroup.Ms Betancourt has said that her six years of captivity was an agonising ordeal only lessened by snatched radio broadcasts heard on an illicit radio and the support of fellow prisoners.Since her release, Ms Betancourt has continued to campaign for the release of about two dozen high-level hostages Farc is holding for political gain and hundreds of other being held for cash ransom.

They describe forced marches, meagre rations and mind-numbing boredom."Ingrid had sent notes to [Farc commander] Sombra telling him that we were CIA agents and she wanted us out of there for that reason," Mr Stansell writes.The 44-year-old former marine said Ms Betancourt tried to dominate the camp.Officials said the video of Ms Betancourt, who has been held for five years, dated from last month.French President Nicolas Sarkozy said France would "redouble efforts" to secure Mrs Betancourt's freedom.They also had to compete with other prisoners for sleeping space, food and the sole Spanish-English dictionary.