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Das Gute ist: Wenn du dich mir UND deinem gesunden Menschenverstand (nebst anderen netten und gleichgesinnten Menschen) nur ein einziges Wochenende lang anvertraust, wirst du mit einem spür- und sichtbar gewachsenen Selbstbewusstsein nebst geschrumpfter Redeangst aus diesem Wochenende hervorgehen.
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Decades later, he confided: “I have vivid memories of my mom coming at me, screaming.She would corner me and slap me repeatedly with both arms flailing.As more and more American parents move away from harmful parenting models that use force, control or coercion, Markham is America’s parenting coach whose time has come.Three transformative practices characterize Markham’s work: “self-regulation, connection and coaching instead of controlling.” Like the ballast of a boat, these practices steady parents as they navigate the emotionally turbulent journey of nurturing the next generation.

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As I walk out of the bedroom door, a concerned 3-year-old meets me in the hallway. This pattern is woven into the body/mind of a person who has experienced abuse.

When we stay connected and set limits with empathy, children learn not only how to regulate their feelings but also how to develop positive connections to their parents and/or siblings.

As they grow, they become “the kind of [people] we need more of in the world.” Twelve-year-old Lisa loves school and strives diligently for good grades.

Only by “going to the source” of offensive behavior – by going into the heart of a child’s emotional world – can parents create a safe space for a child to express the hurt and fear that undergird anger and aggression.

Markham provides numerous step-by-step dialogue templates drawn from her work with thousands of parents.