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Offline timed out when updating

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After googling it seems that this problem is not isolate to just OS X 10.9 (which we're using here) but this also occurs in previous version of OS X.And I do recall reading that it could be due to Apple phasing out AFP in favour of another protocol.....That has only worked on one AP130 so far - the other 6 are still offline.I can VPN into the site and ssh into the other AP's but I'm not able to ping the problem AP's at all. All I've been told is to push the pinhole for 8 seconds and we should see the light blink at about the 5 second mark. I pushed out a config change to all my AP's, and didn't notice that the box to upgrade the firmware was automatically checked as well.I'm on 9.31 and am seeing this too, both when a policy installs a package or with the policy that just runs the daily recon.I've also seen this when installing a flat pkg built with Composer.

The update includes a fix for collision detection with the Bureaucratic Walk emote, which was allowing players to use the emote to glitch through walls. Update 1.0.6 also fixes an issue in which players were loading into empty public spaces too often, and tweaks a number of parameters for scoring in various Crucible gametypes.

using version 9.3 I'm seeing the same thing here.

Error running recon: Connection failure: "The host org is not accessible." If it was a network issue I would assume that the package would fail to install as well. I'm not sure, but it's still happening often.

That issue forced Bungie to cancel Trials of the Nine, ’s high-intensity weekend Crucible event, for the past two weeks. You can check out Bungie’s blog post from last Thursday for more details, although the studio noted that those aren’t the full patch notes.

In addition to the v1.0.6 patch on all platforms, Bungie will release hotfix on PC.