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Poland is, overall, more traditional than many other European countries though so some traditions, like men paying the bill, still live on to a certain extent.

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• Singles seeking assistance for better performance on their online dating experiences.

• Matchmaking Service / One to one introductions Use this service if you want to date with intelligence and efficiency. We typically spend 2 to 3 hours at our initial interview to get to know a new client; at your preference, we provide hands-on ongoing support throughout your process to help you avoid dating mistakes, minimise the number of “ frogs ” you kiss before meeting your “ prince or princess ”.

Bonus: You’ll always be introduced to people that are single and looking for a serious long-term relationship.

So long to the days you accidentally dated a person who’s “just not ready for something serious right now.” After all, such a personalized service to find you someone within preference takes time, energy and the most extensive network development you have ever encountered, because let me tell you, matchmakers are the most ridiculously connected people you will ever meet.

Lots of couples walked out of our service hand in hand as partners or companions. • Divorced or separated people who want to explore opportunities of a new life style.• Busy professionals who would like to shorten their search of finding a suitable partner.Well, physically, you’ll usually find me somewhere in the middle of the room of matchmakers jumping up and down, reminding them online dating is an awesome tool complimentary to matchmaking. Matchmaking is also perfect for busy professionals.Sometimes you’ll find me in front of a room of online dating site owners jumping up and down, reminding them what matchmakers capitalize on is their intuitiveness, and gosh darn it, we as an industry can at least try to be more intuitive. Did you know it takes an average of 11 hours of scouring the Internet before you may even go on a physical date with someone through an online dating site? Hand it over to a matchmaker, and you’re guaranteed an introduction before the next full moon.• Online Dating Coach and Assistance – As a matchmaker with 30 years practice, we help you with your online dating, starting from setting up a profile that will attract the right candidates. Most of them are professionals and have been living in Australia for more than 10 years or are Australian born. Since 2004 Your Perfect Partner has been continuously advertising for Australian senior singles in New South Wales region.