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So to all of them and to their families, thank you. The Army announcements a couple of days ago regarding the de-activization of 12 of our brigade combat teams — two in Europe, 10 in the United States — is a result of implementing the Budget Control Act of 2011. Sequestration, the uncertainty of sequestration is impacting, will continue to impact our people, our budgets, our planning, our purpose, and in — it will, as you suggest, affect readiness. Last thing I wanted to do — and we tried to protect that as long as we could — we’ve done much better than what we originally thought we might have to do. Q: (off mic) suicides — (inaudible) — question is — (inaudible) — military — (inaudible) — what can be done on your level — (inaudible) — reduce the number of suicides? HAGEL: Well, first, it’s a big problem, huge problem, 350 suicides last year.

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