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Oracle triggers if updating performance

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These indexes ensure that the join keys are unique and the data in the tables is sorted. When the source is smaller than the target table, a nested loops operator is preferable. This means that any literal values that are contained in the query are substituted with parameters. This process, called simple parameterization, increases the ability of the relational engine to match new SQL statements with existing, previously-compiled execution plans.

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Fact Buying Habits AS Target USING (SELECT Customer ID, Product ID, Purchase Date FROM dbo. For more information about query hints, see USE Adventure Works2008R2; GO BEGIN TRAN; MERGE Production. Therefore, MERGE statements that contain literal values may not perform as well as individual INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements because a new plan is compiled each time the MERGE statement is executed.

That is, there is no order in which the rows are distributed among the actions defined in the WHEN clauses.

For example, specifying TOP (10) affects 10 rows; of these rows, 7 may be updated and 3 inserted, or 1 may be deleted, 5 updated, and 4 inserted and so on.

Typically, this is done by executing a stored procedure or batch that contains individual INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

However, this means that the data in both the source and target tables are evaluated and processed multiple times; at least once for each statement.