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The French are known for being snooty, and yet this guy takes that into consideration and pokes fun at it.

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After things went wrong at Elsa's coronation party, Elsa ran off into the mountains to hi...

Doc Mc Stuffins hasn't been taking very good care of her teeth lately, and her teeth are beginning to cause her a lot of pain as a result.

It's time to start teaching Baby Hazel proper manners so that she learns how to behave and doesn't become more of...

Doc Mc Stuffins wants to be a doctor just like her mother.

But Sophie hasn't been taking very good care of her teeth, and now she's beginning to experience some serious toot...

Now that Olaf and his friends have found Queen Elsa, they can all work together to end the storm that has been whirling around Arendelle.

Today, Doc Mc Stuffins will be taking a break from performi...

Baby Hazel has been misbehaving lately, and is getting on her mother's last nerve.

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The weather outside is lovely, and the gentle breeze makes it the perfect time to teach Baby Hazel how to fly a kite.Whether you want to be an adorable kitty or a colorful butterfly, face paint is a great way...Baby Barbie and her mother just arrived at the park, and Baby Barbie can't wait to play on all of her favorite playground toys and obstacles.But Sarah has been hitting the books all day and could really use a b...Prom is tonight, and Sophie can't wait to end her high school career with a bang.Before she leaves, she'll put Baby Hazel to bed so that she doesn't cause any trouble in her mother'...