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Rules for dating a preacher

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Ministers of the Word and Sacrament maintain a vital association with their professional colleagues and with colleagues in related professions health care, social services, legal services, and the like.

Ministers shall not engage in sexual misconduct with, or sexual harassment of, their colleagues or support staff, nor shall they take advantage of the vulnerability of a colleague or support staff person.

Financial arrangements or expectations regarding preaching, speaking, counseling, weddings, funerals, and other professional services are to be discussed at the start of any such counseling or services and handled in a business like manner.

Ministers/pastoral counselors recognize that the religious convictions of a parishioner/counselee have powerful emotional and volitional significance and therefore must be approached and counseled with care and sensitivity working for the parishioners/counselees best interest.

All Presbyterian ministers of the Word and Sacrament have the responsibility, assumed in their ordination vows, to trust Jesus Christ as Savior, to acknowledge him Lord of all and Head of the Church, and to believe in one true God, Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit.I know what it feels like to go to the mall or the laundromat and see fine men everywhere and ain't none of them your husband. There's been times I wish I could give a man my pager number or my office phone number. Allow him to flourish in his own masculinity by opening doors, paying the check, etc.5. On the first date dress conservatively because, remember, the attention must not be drawn to any part of your physical body.While at breakfast, lunch, or dinner table, you tell him what you want on the menu and allow him to order for both of you. When you dress naked, you leave nothing to the imagination and you cause him never to tap into the real person that you are! Always insist on him meeting your family and friends....8.If he is pursuing you, then he should pay the bill.13. I believe the rose makes much too powerful a statement.Try and stay away from that flower until there is definitely love involved!In all professional matters ministers of the Word and Sacrament maintain practices that give glory to God in Christ, advance the goals of the church, and nurture, challenge, and protect the welfare of church members, parishioners, clients, and the public.