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Deep down knowing full well there are loads of fake profiles population date sites i couldnt stop thinking about this lady i was falling for.

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I need some feedback to help me work out where my life is going!I’m the general counsel in a mid-sized manufacturing company; a couple of months back we were having a night out for the office staff so I arranged a “leave pass” with Hubby.As soon as the first kiss broke the other guy had a turn deep kissing me.They’d let go of my thighs but I made no attempt to close my legs. I was so wet several fingers were pushed up inside of me with no difficulty, while others were rubbing and pinching my clit.

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One of them jumped in the front passenger seat while the other two - I realised, too late, the pair who’d molested me in the club - bundled me into the middle of the back seat. I knew what was going to happen now: and on a rational/moral level I really didn’t want it to; but, at the same time, the hot slutty feelings came back too.The kissers swapped over again; and I was thrusting my pussy onto their fingers underneath the table when I heard one of them say to the other “The dirty slut loves it! I don’t know why but hearing myself called a dirty slut (and knowing that, right then, it was absolutely true) pushed me over the edge.My pussy gushed and pulsed in a huge orgasm and I thought I was going to pass out.It was pretty crowded around the U-shaped booth - but there was no mistaking the hand on my thigh!I started to push it away but then, slightly amused (and slightly drunk) thought I’d see what would happen if I ignored it.The night turned out a bit of a wash-out: the dinner was over by 9pm and pretty much everyone raced home: there was just me and my 22 year-oldest executive assistant Stacey left.