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Spatial updating in human parietal cortex

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We conclude that updating is not restricted to brain regions involved primarily in attention and the generation of eye movements, but rather, is present in occipital lobe visual areas as well.Single neurons in monkey parietal cortex update visual information in conjunction with eye movements. Brain rendering and automatic sulcus identification were performed using Brain Visa/Anatomist software.| In this experiment, monkeys were shown a target (red star) and a reference point (black dot) (top left panel).Our results demonstrate that updating of visual information occurs in human parietal cortex and can be visualized with f MRI.

Participants first make a saccade to the position of the red cross, and then, only after a delay, to the remembered location of the green target.| Approximate location of macaque lateral intraparietal (LIP) area is indicated by the red hashed region.The posterior intraparietal sulcus (IPS) is indicated in green.Crucially, on half the trials, when participants make the first eye movement to the red cross, the target changes sides, for example, from the left to the right side of fixation (left-right trial).Therefore, participants must re-map the position of the target in eye-centred coordinates.Initially, there is no stimulus in the neuron's receptive field, and, correspondingly, neural activity is low in area LIP.