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Tips on dating divorced dads

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He’ll never know of the hundreds of colorful drawings his child would have handed him over the years, made with tiny loving hands just for him.

Lenore here again: Because…a man is assumed to be a predator unless his wife is around? Would it possibly make more sense to (as I always suggest) teach your child to recognize, resist and report abuse, rather than to assume the very worst is going to happen when they encounter a male of the species? But there is another kind of father who leaves as well. He works to make it appear that he’s not leaving at all.He, like that first man, cloaks himself in rationalization and reasoning.He shows up just often enough to pull off his ruse, and he goes to bed each night feeling good about himself as the dad that he thinks himself to be. He probably spends a lot of wasteful hours telling the people in his life that he did and is doing everything he can for his child.This second type is the divorced dad who by choice becomes nothing more than a weekend or a summer dad. I don’t understand how they can be okay with their choices, and I don’t understand how they can be okay offering such trace amounts of time and support to their to his child. He probably has painted a picture so pretty that even he has started to believe it.Many of these dads hide behind phone calls and text messages to their kids.