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Felt totally remorseful after that as I only enjoy the opening scent and then it resolves in like 2 mins and the end notes aren't that appealing. It's giving me a headache for strange reasons, maybe it's the chemicals, Idk. I'm not one who can give you notes of the perfume or fancy talk about it but i never felt it was super girly or overly sweet, I'm certainly neither of those things and it suits me well.

Will always buy more, i just hope it's never discontinued or I'll cry.

Then I got bored and tired, and since i have many others that I liked more, so I decided to swap it away.

I regretted it quite soon, because I started to miss it.

It's surprisingly hard to find such a T-shirt, and I'm not going to complain to the manufacturer that it lacks design chutzpah, or isn't bohemian, or sultry, or severely chic. When I don't want to worry that my perfume will bloom in the heat, or be interpreted as old-fashioned, strange, or 'manly', I can just sling on this very conventional, modern and pleasant scent that almost everyone likes.

Really pleasant smelling fragrance- sort of romantic and whispy- very girly and demure- Nothing original though.

When summer 2015 arrived I started to want to have it again and repurchased it. I find it very floral and a bit fruity, also with that “hugo boss” base that many of the house fragrances have.

I have held off purchasing this because of how it dries down on my skin, and I'm still torn, I love the opening and first half hour so much. This scent is so beautiful, but I can't understand why it lasts on my skin only 30 mins? Beyond this very adverse adverse situation for any perfume appreciation, I also thought it smelled very industrial and fake.

This is the only reason I didn't purchase a bottle so far. It was supposed to be a fresh and happy floral, but somehow it translated into nose constricting and headache inducing fume. This represents the beauty of women, it's 'gentle sweetness'.

As has been said many times by other reviewers, this scent will annoy nobody, apart from people who can't stand any perfume at all.

Femme is a perfume you seek out for the same reasons that you seek out a T-shirt that will sit well under a work jacket – a good versatile shade, a decent weight of opaque fabric, sleeves that are more than weird little caps that cut off at armpit level, and a flattering cut.