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Validating refinements to laboratory animal housing

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This performance standard implies that facilities must have an understanding of species’ typical social behavior, including behaviors such as dominance or aggression.It also means the IACUC and veterinarians need to review rigorously and regularly any proposal which includes single housing.While this evolution can frustrate researchers and institutional officials who may feel the ground is constantly shifting under their feet, it does reflect new knowledge and expectations and increases the level of care for research animals.Turner then discussed how the Guide committee developed certain recommendations related to performance standards. A Guide table lists recommended dry-bulb macroenvironmental temperatures for many species.The Guide also lists circumstances requiring additional considerations, such as when animals are recovering from surgery or when the facility houses neonates or hairless rodents. All animals, the Guide states, should be housed under conditions that provide sufficient space and supplementary structures and resources required to meet their physical, physiologic, and behavioral needs.Single housing of social species should be the exception and be justified based on experimental requirements or veterinary-related concerns about animal well-being.A good performance standard uses what she called “appropriate language,” particularly regarding terms such as must, should, and may that appear frequently in the Guide.“Must,” she explained, indicates actions that the Guide committee considered to be imperative and a mandatory duty or requirement for a facility to follow; “Should” indicates a strong recommendation for achieving a goal, while recognizing individual circumstances might justify an alternative strategy; “May” indicates a suggestion to be considered.

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Ideally, engineering and performance standards are balanced, setting a target for optimal practices, management, and operations while encouraging flexibility and judgment.

The concept proposed that institutions should have the flexibility to structure their programs to fit their own research needs while providing only minimal guidance as to what such flexibility meant and how institutions should accomplish it.

When the update process for the 8th edition began in 2008, researchers had produced a wealth of new information, and acceptable practices for the care and use of laboratory animals had evolved.

While it is easy to look at the table for the engineering standard, said Turner, it is important to interpret this information in context with the associated text to get the full meaning of committee’s intentions.

For rodents, the Guide further recommends that dry-bulb temperatures in animal rooms should be set below the animals’ lower critical temperature to avoid heat stress, to provide the animals with adequate resources for behavioral thermoregulation (such as nesting materials) and to minimize variations around a set temperature.