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Reconozco que siempre fui muy escéptico a las webs de viajes que recomiendan lugares culturales, turísticos, etc...

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A driver pointed out a tiny settlement nestled between intimidating peaks as a destination for bought women.

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Hang, 30, arrived in Linqi last November, and struggles to communicate with customers at the dusty village store where she sells noodles, cola and cigarettes.Ignore them as you will end up in either a gem store or a tailor shop. Thai Gem Scam – If you are not an expert on gems then I strongly urge you not to take the word of other people on how much money you can make if you sell these gems on return to your home country. Most shops will say out loud the denomination of any paper money you give them. When you come back after your fun, they will point out scratches and dents in the jet ski and they will demand large sums of money.What they fail to mention is that a dozen other customers have already paid for those scratches.Experts say lax law enforcement in rural areas means thousands of other cases probably go undiscovered.In Linqi, several families refused to talk about their Vietnamese members, with one woman identified as being from the country shooed indoors when reporters arrived.The township is a patchwork of hamlets spaced among cornfields deep in the mountains of Henan, one of China's poorer provinces.