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The author explores and dispels ten notions that black women tend to cite as their reasons for not dating outside of their race.

My mind is already open to interracial dating, so I didn't need to be convinced.

The guys I was dealing with were consistently under-employed (if employed at all) or had wayyyy too much drama in their lives.

I'm not saying that all black men are like that, but those were the ones that I was attracted to.

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What's funny though, is that I got a lof of stares from people because of the cover of the book.This type of generational difference in the thinking about interracial relationships is one of the notions discussed.This book was thought-provoking and explored aspects of interracial dating that I'd never really thought about before. This book definitely opened my eyes to some misconceptions that even I had.For example, the 3 main stereotypical media images of "Mammy, Jezebel, and Sapphire", and issues that are unique to black women/white male couples in this country (United States), and the history of such relationships.I don't know that all persons involved in an interracial relationship need to read this, but it can only help.But anyway, I was very into the book and read it in 1 week.