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The mouth of the cave opens widely but entrance to the cavern itself must be gained through a fairly long tunnel.

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Others (myself included) believe that the cave marks the entrance to a doorway through which Kate came into the world, departed, and perhaps even returns today. But I can tell you that with the large number of bizarre incidents reported in and around the cave in modern times, notions of the witch returning may not be as odd as you might think.People all over the area of soon learned of the witch and she made appearances, in sounds and voices, all over Robertson County.The ghost became so famous that even General Andrew Jackson decided to visit.He too experienced the antics of the witch and his carriage wheels refused to turn until the witch decided to let them.John Bell fell victim to bouts of strange illness, for which Kate claimed responsibility.No one will ever know for sure -- but whoever, or whatever, the Bell Witch was, many believe that she has never left Adams, Tennessee at all.