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Wsus group membership not updating

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While I can't give any sort of time frame or quick fix on this, I can confidently say that this has a lot of attention internally here.

I'm having issues with smart groups as well, I created one to see if an app is installed or not.

I have not observed it in my (simpler, non-clustered) development environments.

Anybody here NOT clustered and experiencing the bug? Machines will randomly drop out of a smart group and then, just as randomly, drop back in.

We're running 8.52 and I've talked to support and they recommended upgrading to 8.6 which we are going to do.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if 8.6 helped. In fact, one of our Smart Groups sorts systems by binary, and my "8.4" Smart Group was showing systems that had been updated to 8.6.

These are simple groups like "Has Adobe Photoshop CS5" or "Lion Machines". The inventory search is fine but Smart groups grow overnight.

Generally once this is 'fixed' it stays working properly, I've only really seen this happen on duplication, not on a fresh creation.

I had to Edit the policy and Save it for it to update.

This is a big problem, I also see it with my Smart Groups that look at number of SWUs available on a system, which is a pretty important thing to know.

It's wreaking havoc on the reports I send to management \- hope they get this fixed soon...

If you click Edit and then click Save on an SG, it will update properly \- it's a work-around for getting accurate reports, of course.